We Don’t Celebrate Birthdays in our Family and Why It’s Okay

To people in many parts of the world, birthdays are a cause for celebration. Birthday is commemorating another year of life, it’s a special day as your relatives, friends and even co-workers give you gifts. They shower you with one day of affection for just existing. I never really understood why people do that because […]

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Easy Ways on How to Make YouTube Safe for Kids

The Internet can now be accessed by everyone and this is a threat to YouTube safety for kids. Now why a specific website like YouTube? Simply because it’s one of the most popular, if not the most popular video streaming site on the internet. Not only do a lot of people visit the site, but many users […]

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When You Should Consider Living With An Ex

Living with your ex might sound crazy, I know. When I tell people that I live with my ex and that we are both very happy with the arrangement people think that’s one of the strangest things they’ve ever heard. But not all relationships end with anger and bitterness. Sometimes relationships just end, and if […]

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Are You A Social Media Addict?
social media

Social media is a useful tool, but many people find themselves becoming addicted to it. Well, not to the media itself, but to the effect that it produces in your brain. Scientists have found that getting “likes” or hearts or validation from strangers online triggers your body to make dopamine, the hormone that makes you […]

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How to Keep Kids Focused in the Digital Era

How to Keep Kids Focused in the Digital Era When I was growing up we played with Pokemon cards and watched Saturday morning cartoons. These days, kids are growing up with iPads, iPhones, and iEverythingElse. Growing up with the different forms of technology from such an early age is affecting the attention spans of young […]

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Which Smartphone is Better? iPhone X or S9 Plus
smartphone iphone s9

Which Smartphone? iPhone X or S9 Plus Another year, another smartphone battle. Each year the smartphone is becoming more innovative and more competitive. These smartphones have completely replaced our old interpretations of what a phone should be. Older phones could only make a call or send a text. Now our phones are our computers, we […]

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You Can Use Your Security Cameras To Protect Your Family and Your Packages
Did you look up how to spy on someones text messages?

These days almost anything can be ordered online. That means that many of us have packages being delivered daily or at least several times each week. This has caused a big upswing in the number of people that go around neighborhoods stealing packages and selling the contents. Never mind the many problems with finding out […]

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Why I Pulled My Kids Out Of Public School
We did a cell phone lookup on every parent we met at public school.

As a parent, I’m used to being judged. Everywhere I go, someone is judging me for the parenting choices I make. But no decision I’ve ever made caused as much of a furor among my social circle as the one to pull my kids out of public school years ago. My kids have since graduated, […]

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Christmas Movies You Should Watch With Your Kids
Your whole family will love the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

Christmas will be here in less than 2 weeks! If you haven’t started decorating or preparing already, you’re a little behind. However, it’s never too late to get into the spirit with the best Christmas movies on Netflix. You can watch them any time on so many different devices! Just make sure that your child […]

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I Don’t Give My Kids Christmas Presents And I Won’t Apologize For It
Family, not Christmas presents, is what's important.

Christmas in our house is like Christmas in most homes. We have a tree, decorations, and stockings on our mantle. But under our tree there are no piles of Christmas presents. There are no wish lists left for Santa. There are no closets full of wrapping paper and bows, and no presents hidden where my […]

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3 Things You Should Do If Your Child Uses Netflix
See what your child watches on Netflix with a spy text app.

If you have T-Mobile, you’ve probably already heard that you can now receive a complimentary Netflix subscription through your cell phone plan. It’s great for those long commutes and family movie nights. But what about when your children use Netflix on their own? Without parental supervision, they can stumble upon inappropriate movies and TV shows. […]

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How to Use Electronics to Write a Paper in College
Papers are much easier to write with electronics and mobile apps, such as ones where you can spy on text messages.

Writing a paper isn’t the same as when you and I were growing up. Now, our kids have more resources to help them out. All sorts of electronics and apps can help them look up information and even spy on text messages. In fact, many college students have become reliant on this technology to help […]

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Who is Really Watching Your Children?
Do not trust someone to watch your children without using a people finder first.

My children, being grown up, no longer need a babysitter. This being said, I can remember how difficult it was to find a kind, genuine person to watch my children. Being a mom, it is hard to let someone else come into your home to watch the people you care about the most, your children. […]

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Social Media and Teens
You can use a person lookup tool to see if your child is talking with strangers.

With social media becoming ubiquitous in the homes and lives of most kids, parents are under increasing pressure to understand the impact of these sites on their children. Parental safety tools, such as a person lookup website, can help parents make sure that their children aren’t talking with strangers or visiting the wrong type of […]

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