My children, being grown up, no longer need a babysitter. This being said, I can remember how difficult it was to find a kind, genuine person to watch my children. Being a mom, it is hard to let someone else come into your home to watch the people you care about the most, your children. This post is bringing me back to my first decade of being a mother and making me want to talk to all of the moms out there who are currently looking for someone to watch their children. This post will hopefully make you want to do your research using a people finder website, to find out who exactly you might be hiring or who your children are looking to work for.

A Blast From the Past

My youngest daughter recently decided that she wanted to earn her own money. She told me she was going to make a profile for and try to find a family near us that she can work for. This made me think about the days when I was trying to hire someone to watch my children. The thoughts that ran through my head were, “are they good people?” “Are they trustworthy?” “Will this be a safe environment for my daughter?” “What if they don’t even have children and are just having her come over?”  The real question is, how do you know someone on the internet will really be who they say they are? The answer is that you don’t, until you do a background check.

Who Are You Hiring?

Man going on an interview.
Interviews can be scary when you don’t know anything about the other person!

Thinking back to my days of needing a babysitter, I wish I had known about people finder websites. This way I could find out if people online were truly who they said they were. You would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to the well-being of your children. I recommend familiarizing yourself with any potential employees and or, people who are looking to hire your children. This way you know who your children will be associating themselves with a little bit better.

Do Your Research

Do yourself a favor and do your research!  You hear all over the news today, how many people “catfish” others by pretending to be someone that they are not. This is something that is happening throughout our digital world. This is why I am telling you to use a people finder website to do a background check on people you are looking to hire or who are looking to hire your children. It will not hurt you to make sure, but it might hurt not to.

If you are interested in discussing this topic further, feel free to contact me!