Why Employee Monitoring Pros and Cons Matter?

All business owners know the importance of employee monitoring in the workplace. They understand that employees are the backbone of every company’s success. Employees must be hard-working and committed to their jobs. They must work to the best of their ability to orient their work’s result towards the company goals. But there are cases where employees […]

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Which Smartphone is Better? iPhone X or S9 Plus
smartphone iphone s9

Which Smartphone? iPhone X or S9 Plus Another year, another smartphone battle. Each year the smartphone is becoming more innovative and more competitive. These smartphones have completely replaced our old interpretations of what a phone should be. Older phones could only make a call or send a text. Now our phones are our computers, we […]

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You Can Use Your Security Cameras To Protect Your Family and Your Packages
Did you look up how to spy on someones text messages?

These days almost anything can be ordered online. That means that many of us have packages being delivered daily or at least several times each week. This has caused a big upswing in the number of people that go around neighborhoods stealing packages and selling the contents. Never mind the many problems with finding out […]

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