Easy Ways on How to Make YouTube Safe for Kids

The Internet can now be accessed by everyone and this is a threat to YouTube safety for kids. Now why a specific website like YouTube? Simply because it’s one of the most popular, if not the most popular video streaming site on the internet. Not only do a lot of people visit the site, but many users […]

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Are You A Social Media Addict?
social media

Social media is a useful tool, but many people find themselves becoming addicted to it. Well, not to the media itself, but to the effect that it produces in your brain. Scientists have found that getting “likes” or hearts or validation from strangers online triggers your body to make dopamine, the hormone that makes you […]

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Social Media and Teens
You can use a person lookup tool to see if your child is talking with strangers.

With social media becoming ubiquitous in the homes and lives of most kids, parents are under increasing pressure to understand the impact of these sites on their children. Parental safety tools, such as a person lookup website, can help parents make sure that their children aren’t talking with strangers or visiting the wrong type of […]

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