The Internet can now be accessed by everyone and this is a threat to YouTube safety for kids. Now why a specific website like YouTube? Simply because it’s one of the most popular, if not the most popular video streaming site on the internet. Not only do a lot of people visit the site, but many users also upload a lot of content. It is also a free website; your kids do not have to declare their age to be able to view videos. While YouTube tries to implement an age check for videos with mature content, some users skirt the rating by editing their videos to make them look innocent. The videos do eventually get age-restricted but who knows, the few hours it’s up could be viewed by your kids.

Understanding YouTube

In order to help you control access to YouTube for your kids, you need to understand what the website is and what it does. Every day, at least 30 million people log on to YouTube. Every hour at least 300 hours of video is uploaded by the minute with at least 5 billion videos watched daily. These numbers are quite staggering. The company Google which owns YouTube has implemented measures to control the content but just imagine those numbers, even a small percent of bad videos getting uploaded is significant. Say there’s a 3% chance mature content videos get uploaded and not flagged for an hour or two. At least 500 minutes of mature content gets uploaded every hour!

The video streaming site does not perform an age check to watch videos. You can just visit the website and all the videos out there are available for viewing, even the ones that skipped the mature restriction. Your kids might be searching for something as innocent as a party theme with lemons and might get shocked at the video results. Take steps to learn how to make YouTube safe for kids.

Get a Good Web Browser

Some browsers have secure filters that will help screen videos with restricted content. An example is Google’s very own Chrome. By logging into chrome on the family computer, you can set a user for our browser and turn on the filters. Since Google also owns YouTube, there’s a degree of protection added when your kids use the browser to watch videos. Chrome will also clean search results of the so it’s a good browser to use.

As an added bonus, Chrome will also help try to block mature content of other websites. You can turn on the safety features in the browser and even download plugins for better protection.

Turn on the Filters in YouTube

If you want to learn how to block certain videos on YouTube, there’s a way for that on the website itself. If you scroll down, you will be able to see a “Safety Mode is Off” warning. You can also use the find feature of your browser to see the link. Once you click on that, you get to have an option to turn on Safety Mode for YouTube. You don’t need to be logged in, cookies on the site will help YouTube remember your computer. After activating the feature, your kids will get discreetly screened search results with mature content removed.

Talk with Your Kids

Unfortunately, the above will only protect your kids for so long. They might pick up another device, use a computer from their friend’s house or even on their own smartphones.  Kids these days can set up passwords and pin codes on every device they own, and parents won’t be able to break them easily. The best way to combat this is to talk with your kids. Tell them you’re open to talking about anything they see on the internet that needs explanation. That if there’s very mature content, they have the power to turn off the computer or go to you to help explain what they see online. It will also help to keep an open mind that sometimes objectionable content and events will happen every day, especially on the internet.

Know more about keeping your child safe from the internet!

Youth Effect has tons of articles on parenting, the internet, and social media. You can visit their website After all, YouTube is just one site among thousands more that can negatively influence your kids.