Revealed: How to Look Young

FIRST RULE : AVOID IRONY! You don’t have to stress yourself to look your best! 

STRESS –  as everyone knows, is the NO. 1 cause of the unwanted aging. It can lead an individual to a lot of activities how to look youngthat will surely make her/him look undesirable.Do you want to know how to look young? Then read on.

If one is stressed, he or she might try one or two of cancer sticks commonly known as cigarettes or let’s say alcohol or other stuff as such,  that could probably lead to an addiction. Undeniably, this will greatly affect not just the physical appearance of a person but the attitude and view of life.

With this, in staying young and fresh, one must stay positive.  HOW?

1. Be carefree but steady: You don’t have to listen to other people’s opinion about you. Just do whatever that makes you happy AS LONG AS you have your own limitations.

2. Everyday goal: Be a blessing to everyone: Smile to people that come your way, it’s too easy anyway. This could be the littlest of all the gestures but it can brighten up one’s day.

3. Stay calm and relaxed: Being tensed and anxious can’t change any situation to a better one. Remember, this too, shall pass. Being agitated is just a waste of energy and most of all will also stress your facial muscles.

4. Learn to let go: If it’s not for you, it’s not for you but if it is, it will surely happen. Let go of failed relationships. Let go of broken/ stolen / missing material things, it wont kill you anyway.

5. Do not compare: You are you. It might not easy to apply this and all of the above to your life but accepting yourself for who you really are with all the flaws and negativity will surely bring you to a positive life.

There you have it. The secret to look young and fresh. Are you up to the challenge?