How to Keep Kids Focused in the Digital Era

When I was growing up we played with Pokemon cards and watched Saturday morning cartoons. These days, kids are growing up with iPads, iPhones, and iEverythingElse. Growing up with the different forms of technology from such an early age is affecting the attention spans of young people. It is preventing them in focusing in more than one area of their lives.

Parents these days are asking themselves what they can do to help their kids focus better on their schoolwork and social lives rather than the digital world in which so many of them are immersed. The bad news is that the iPads aren’t going anywhere. The good news is that there are simple steps that parents can take to help make their kids more focused and motivated.


Keeping Kids Focused in 2018

Put Down the Gadgets

One of the first steps to addressing an issue is not fixing the symptoms, in this case distractibility, but focusing on the roots of the problem. One of the major causes that kids are struggling so much with focusing is the hold that devices and gadgets have on their lives. Thus, the first step to helping kids become more focused is getting them off of their iPads and iPhones. 


As a parent, there are a lot of ways to get a kid off of their smartphone or tablet. They can set boundaries to limit the amount of time that kids can spend on the devices. They can use the devices as motivation by giving them incentives like reading, spending time outside, or doing chores, which would earn them time on their devices.   

If the goal is to use a gadget for something like a public search engine, then that’s acceptable but otherwise—no exceptions.


Get Outside

As a parent, it’s important to teach kids to spend time outside from an early age. Many children that didn’t grow up spending time outside are used to spending hours upon hours in front of a TV or tablet. For kids to develop healthy habits, it’s a parent’s job to help them start developing them from an early age. Grapevine includes some great tips for family exercises as well.


Reading and Writing

Those that are wanting to help their kid develop the skills to achieve academically at an early age ought to encourage them to read and write. The more time that kids spend on their devices and gadgets, the less time they have to spend practicing reading, writing, or creative activities like drawing and coloring.


Social Activities

One of the most underrated ways that kids can spend their time is in social activities with their friends. This one may sound obvious, but there are far too many kids that spend more time playing games on an iPad than they do socializing with other kids. The earlier kids learn social skills and how to interact with other kids their age, the easier their transition into grade school will be. Don’t underestimate the power of encouraging your kids to play with other children.

Parenting in 2018 is more complicated than it has ever been. Focusing on encouragement and teaching kids to focus in this digital age is going to help them in the long run to be better friends, students, and sons or daughters.


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