Writing a paper isn’t the same as when you and I were growing up. Now, our kids have more resources to help them out. All sorts of electronics and apps can help them look up information and even spy on text messages. In fact, many college students have become reliant on this technology to help them write their papers. Whether they are majoring in history, psychology, or some sort of engineering, chances are that your child is going to have to write papers for a number of classes throughout the course of their college career. In today’s modern world, students can get their information online through the resources that are provided by their college or university. They’ll never even have to step foot in a library, like you and I used to do. Here are a few tips you can give your child for the new school year.

Have the Right Device

One thing that many college students and parents overlook is the importance of having the right electronic device. No one wants a desktop computer that they can’t take wherever they want. That’s why you need to help them invest in the right kind of device, which will make writing a paper in college so much easier. From a MacBook Pro to a Microsoft Surface, you’ll find a perfect fit for your child. Even a cell phone, with an app that can allow you to spy on text messages, can help your child do some research on the Internet.

Use Online Resources

What makes writing a paper in 2017 so much easier is that students can perform research using online resources. Most professors require their students to use and cite references for any paper they write. The good news is, there are academic journals out there that can be browsed right from your child’s computer.

Know the Format

If your child wants to do well on their assignment, they need to know the required format. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for students to write entire papers in the wrong format. College papers can require APA, MLA, or Turabian formatting. Each one has differences in the title page, the headings, and how references are cited. Your child needs to use the correct formatting so points aren’t taken off their paper.

There’s Still a Library

Your child can still visit their college's library.
The library is still a great resource for your child.

There are students out there who enjoy going to the library, and they can still do so. They’ll be able to check out books and go back to their dorm room to write their paper. Just remind your child to check the due date, otherwise the book could expire and they may end up owing money. No one wants to pay late fees. If you’re using an app that allows you to spy on text messages that your child receives, you may even be able to find out the book’s due date yourself.

Writing a paper in college is easier than ever before, but it still requires a lot of work. You should advise your child to start far enough in advance so they’ll have plenty of time. That way, they won’t have stress themselves out about the paper’s deadline. While there are college students who have written papers overnight, don’t be let that be your child. Sleep is important and an absolute essential when your child is in college and trying to adjust to being out on their own.