Deciding to use an anti-aging serum can offer just as many benefits as using the best eye cream wrinkles products or receiving free wrinkle cream samples.  Many like the fact a serum is easier to absorb by the skin due to a thinner consistency.  Yet, to ensure results are received the product should be used accordingly. This means users need to consider how often they intend to use it and the results they expect based on skin concerns.  Here are basic steps on how to get results with your anti-aging serum.

Follow Directions on Product Label

Even the best rated wrinkle cream products offer important instructions you need to follow. Before using the product read instructions. Many products instruct users to apply product after cleansing skin. This can vary depending on when you decide to use it (morning or evening). The instructions may also provide insight on what to look for on the skin if irritation occurs.

Cleanse Your Skin with Gentle Cleanser

Some serum products are known to be strong on the skin depending on how much retinol is in the product formula.  A gentle cleanser should be something good enough to remove dirt from the skin surface so the serum product can penetrate skin easier.  The cleanser shouldn’t strip too much of your skin’s natural oils and moisture.

anti-aging serum

Dry Skin Well After Washing

Dry skin completely but try to avoid rubbing the skin with your towel. Be sure soap from cleanser is removed. As you dry skin pat it dry to avoid creating irritation or flaky skin areas. Keep in mind when washing your face areas such as under the chin and part of the neck can also be cleansed and dried.

Use Ample But Small Amount On Skin

After cleansing and drying skin apply serum product. Apply the amount according to instructions.  Try to avoid adding too much at one time.  Gently rub the product into the skin using circular motions.  Avoid being too rough and rubbing too hard. Add more product to the skin depending on how much you feel application is necessary.  As you apply product you may feel certain areas of the skin are drier than others and need more product.

Know How To Store Your Product

What is the best eye cream for wrinkles? Some suggest a good quality serum. Another aspect of getting your serum to work for you is to know how to properly store your product. Few products may mention on the label how to store it.  Keep it at room temperature and try to store it in cool area while not being exposed to too much sunlight. Pay attention to expiration dates which may be at the bottom of the product.  Keep in mind if you can use it with other skin care products.  Sunscreen is something to include if you plan to be in the sun for extended periods of time.  Note when you start using the product and set goals on what you hope to accomplish based on how long you intend to use it.