Which Smartphone? iPhone X or S9 Plus

Another year, another smartphone battle. Each year the smartphone is becoming more innovative and more competitive. These smartphones have completely replaced our old interpretations of what a phone should be. Older phones could only make a call or send a text. Now our phones are our computers, we can send emails, look up questions on the internet, and even watch YouTube videos. With the creation of apps, there are easy ways to organize your life with your smartphone. Even though some people prefer to stay with their old flip phone, most of us have succumbed to the allure of the iPhone or Samsung phones. 

The smartphone iPhone X in its initial phase 

If you would never consider buying anything besides an iPhone, this conversation likely won’t change your mind. However, for someone considering giving an Android phone a shot, the Samsung 9 Plus is a worthy competitor of Apple’s iPhone X. Of course, a large percentage of Apple users aren’t changing anytime soon, which means Samsung has to convince those that are willing to make a change. The most competitive features between the smartphones are battery life, price and camera features. Some even use their phones to spy on text messages since they can be used for so many purposes. 

Better Battery Life

Battery life is very important as we are constantly on or checking our phones. One thing that the Samsung 9 Plus does have going for it over the iPhone X is a longer battery life. The S9 Plus provides the user with about 25 hours of talk time, while the iPhone X provides about 21 hours. This is not a significant difference, and definitely not the deciding factor. This likely won’t be enough to make many people drop their iPhone for a Samsung.

More Affordable

One significant difference between the two phones is the price point. Still, both of these phone are very expensive. If money is your main concern, this might make the difference. The newest smartphone from Apple is going for around $1200 on Amazon. The Samsung 9 Plus can be purchased for under $900. Considering the iPhone X’s biggest upgrade over the 8 Plus was its “emoticons,” it’s surprising that Apple is charging so much for the X.

The Samsung S9 shown with other desk essentials

More RAM

Another advantage of the Samsung 9 Plus is that it has more memory. The memory of computers and smartphones are measured in RAM. The iPhone X has 3GB of RAM while the S9 Plus has 6GB of RAM. Having twice as much memory means that the smartphone for Samsung will be able to run more programs and at a faster speed. Although if you care more about texting features like “emoticons” this may not effect your decision. 

Camera Features

What Samsung introduced to the S9 Plus’s camera to make it more competitive was an adjustable part for the camera. The 1.5 mode is great for lowlight but could potentially let in too much light in situations. That’s why Samsung gave the phone the ability to adjust the part so that it can take high quality photos in different types of lighting. Meanwhile, the new iPhone X has portrait mode which creates amazing pictures of an individual. Portrait mode has different setting for photo taking, and can change depending on the time of day. Also in terms of camera use, you can use a security camera to protect your family at home. 

Smartphone Decision

Purchasing a new phone is a very difficult and costly decision. If price is not an issue you will likely go with Apple. Since the iPhone has been around for about ten years now, many people are loyal to it. That being said, there are still a lot of great features about the Samsung smartphones. The S9 has a longer battery life, cheaper price point and more memory. If someone wanted to put their iPhone down and try out the S9 Plus, there would be nothing wrong with that.