One reason why many seek skin care products like an eye cream for dark circles and wrinkles is due to skin aging.  Pollution plays a role in how skin gets exposed to toxins and unnecessary elements that can be rough on skin areas. In some cases, they can lead to skin dryness, flaking, irritation and other damage.  Pollution can even make signs of aging more visible.  Fortunately, there are a few actions you can do to reduce risk of skin damage caused by pollution.  Here are some tips to help get you started.

Keep Skin Clean

Whether you use a homemade eye wrinkle cream or a product you purchased online, your skin should be clean prior to applying the product.  Your skin should be cleaned daily to remove buildup of toxins. Your skin works so hard daily to not only protect your insides, but it contributes to your look and overall appearance.  Clean skin makes it easier for skin products to penetrate layers.  When skin is not clean it becomes irritable, itchy, and likely to experience clogged pores.

Use Skin Toner

Skin toner is commonly used after cleansing the skin. It helps skin retain its natural tone while avoiding removing any natural moisture.  Some toners can leave skin a bit dry or tight feeling.  The formula could be too strong for your skin or you may have stripped off high amounts of moisture when you washed your skin with your choice of cleanser.  When choosing a toner, consider using the same brand as your facial cleanser if the company offers such a product.  Look for product with natural ingredients to reduce risk of developing tight dry skin after use. A toner also helps skin retain pH balance levels.


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Remove Dead Cells (Exfoliate)

Reducing skin damage also includes removing skin cells that were damaged from free radicals and toxins.  Exfoliating skin is important because it helps skin shed old skin cells.  Many people chose not to do this step but it can make a difference in how skin care products work on the skin.  This not only gets rid of dead cells but new cells being produced (also known as younger cells) are pushed to the surface giving skin a better appearance. Doing this once a week can do wonders.

Get Plenty of Antioxidants

When using skin care products of your choice such as ROC deep wrinkle cream, it is important to keep antioxidants in mind. You can get antioxidants that are both external and internal.  This means you can obtain them in different ways through topical skin care products and procedures as well as food and vitamin supplements.  Essential oils, zinc, and selenium are other ingredients your body needs to fight toxins and create new skin cells.

Keep Skin Protected

Sunscreen helps keep UV rays from damaging skin, but research also claims it helps keep out toxins produced by pollution. In other words, if your skin gets damage from pollution, rays from the sun can make it worse if you fail to wear sunscreen.