New Anti Aging Treatments for 2016

The Skin Pen: Amazing New Anti Aging Treatment for 2016


The $150 Skin Pen Treatment (Photo Credit: WFAA-TV)

Step aside wrinkle creams that are expensive, and make room for the latest anti-aging product: the SkinPen.
That is correct. One solitary hour, and a pencil. That is all it takes to get brand new, rejuvenated skin, based on new anti aging treatment developed byTexas-based Bellus Medical- and now a global sensation

Here’s the way that it works. The skin is numbed. 12 stainless steel needles create a large number of microscopic incisions when the pencil is put on the face. This helps products penetrate the skin, and allows for contraction and tightening. Then the rejuvenation unfolds immediately.

“This is really microscopic that you just get this tremendous increase of collagen to treat the wound and thicken up the skin.”

After three days, the skin approximates that of a 24 year old, she said.

“This has accurate effects, and they’re immediate”.

But it is not simply for wrinkles. The SkinPen can treat fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, sun damage and stretch marks. And it could be utilized on more than just the face. Treatments have been got by patients on the neck, arms, hands, legs, abdomen and back.

It costs about $150 with a healing time of three to five days.

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“We consider this the following step in micro-treatment,” Bellus Medical Chief Joe Proctor told ABC News today. “It is definitely going to be slightly higher priced, but not substantially.”

Probably the greatest difference is the healing procedure. “You can get dynamic effects with little or no downtime,” Proctor said, including that SkinPen patients can quickly return to work the same day as their treatment.

The amount of treatments a patient desires depends on their particular problem. The treatments can be received by patients spaced 60 days apart.

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