There are many issues in a company that must be dealt with by employers and this can be prevented with the use of spy cell phone software. And these situations may be any kind of theft such as leaking of confidential company information, actual stealing of company products, and fraud by manipulating company records. Consequently, this could incur big losses for the company’s earnings.

Before we discuss the tips on how to manage theft in the company, let us know the reasons why they are doing it in the first place.

Why Do Employees Steal?

There are several reasons why employees steal. They do it because of greed, addictions, and some who are experiencing financial difficulties. Others steal because they often rationalize like “I deserve a raise” or “they are not paying me enough” or just plainly “they won’t notice it”.

It has been said that employees are mindful of their actions when they know they are being watched, but sometimes this is not enough to stop them. Here are some tips to prevent theft in the workplace.

  1. Know your employees

Knowing your employees could help you determine if they are doing any misdeeds. Like if a worker suddenly acts to be devoted to his tasks and works late when he was not that of a hard-worker before, then you may start suspecting something. Also, it is encouraged that you have pre-employment background checks especially when you are entrusting the company’s finances to them.

  1. Have a code of conducts/ethics

Setting a code of conduct in the workplace is necessary because it will be the worker’s basis for what they can or cannot do. Actively communicating it to your employees implies for them to know what is expected from them and that they will be aware of the consequences for any wrongdoings.

  1. Supervise your employees closely

Studies show that with lax supervision, theft and fraud are prevalent. This does not mean you have to keep watch of their every move, just be mindful of what they do.

  1. Implement a monitoring software in the workplace

Employee monitoring is currently a growing practice and you can definitely reap benefits from it.  A phone tracker app is one way to do it and Highster Mobile is one of the best spy apps in the market. You can keep tabs on your employee’s company-issued phones and detect if they are sharing private information with competitors. Apart from this, you can also monitor them if they are using their time efficiently.

Knowing these tips can indeed help in managing and preventing employees to steal from your company. However, there is one more thing that is important for business owners to remember and that is to value their employees. Valuing employees entails paying them appropriate salaries and not overworking them. Because when workers feel valued, they are motivated to work and you won’t have problems with them to deal with.

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