Best Anti Aging Products for the Price?

Walk to your mirror now. Drop everything and tell me what you see. Are you happy with the result. Is it a gorgeous lass best anti aging productsstaring back? Or a debilitated old crone staring back.

If your answer is the latter, don’t worry too much. There are not one but two easy tricks to successfully pamper your aging skin, according to professionals in the beauty industry. You can either invest in and purchase skin care products that aim to lessen the detrimental impact of wrinkles and lines or get drastic plastic surgery. Naturally, I don’t recommend that option. The other approach is via a healthy lifestyle with natural methods. This entails getting lots of exercise, eating healthy foods and no drinking of alcoholic drinks and no smoking. Which of the two do you prefer more? I’m confident you’d chose the latter anti aging regimen.

Admittedly, submitting yourself to the knife may be the fastest and quickest way to erase ugly wrinkles and nasty lines, but the best way is to do it naturally. Not only is it going to help your skin but it will improve your overall health also. Plus you will feel a sense of amazing fullfillment that you accomplished the feat on your own! An essential aspect of not looking aged involves nourishing your skin. Prior to starting taking action, you should determine what type of skin you have. All of us have a different type of skin like normal, oily, dry or a blend of two or more. Dry skin has a tendency to have flakes and scales and feels firm or rough with the skin getting very easily irritated. If you’ve got dry skin, it’s advisable not to use alcohol based skin products and do not use strong soap and hot water to clean up. Mild soap is one of the best anti aging products around.

People who have shiny and oily skin will be very likely to have acne because the pores in the skin will bring in more dirt. The most effective way to lessen an acne outbreak is to not scrub your face a lot of. When trying to keep healthy skin with this type, skin products which are non-comedogenic, or those which don’t block the pores, should be used. Normal skin is skin with a good healthy shine. You don’t have any limits to the sort of skin product you can use as long as they maintain natural water balance.

Many people have a blend of dry and oily skin, where a few places are dry and other places are oily. On the face, the oily places are generally on the forehead, nose and chin while the dry areas are the skin. To look after this type of skin, you will need special products created for multiple skin types. You could end up having soreness, irritation and itchiness if you do not use the right product for your skin. Therefore it is crucial to know specifically what type of skin you’ve got.

There are several natural oils that you can buy over at the super market which can be used topically as well as internally. I’ve tried several of these in the past and these are my favorites. In my opinion, they constitute some of the best anti aging products in the market.

  • Sesame oil. Take two tablespoons and spread it on your meats. A few drops on your face also helps. In two weeks, I looked five years younger. Truly!
  • Fish oil. The secret is in omega 3. It cleans the gunk in your liver and revitalizes your circulatory system. The end result is greater endurance.Not to mention people saying I look like I used laser treatment on my face.
  • L-Carnitine and idebenone eye creams. Most eye creams don’t work even the expensive ones I bought from Loreal. But a very rare brand of Organic eye cream found here really worked. Dark circles- poof. In just 3 days!
  • Virgin Coconut Oil. It’s been proven in Harvard to kill aids and cancer. It’s cheap and you can drink gallons of it without getting fat. When I used this… wow… I actually lost weight and cured even… uhmmm bad breath.
  • Finally, I’m a fan of resveratrol products. In particular, this resveratrol cream made my hands look like they were a teenager’s again. It’s the only anti aging off the shelf product that I take regularly with my organics

Remember: a wholesome and nutritious diet is a crucial ingredient of having healthy looking skin. I listed a bunch of oils that you can take internally – no need to buy funky pills.  You won’t have to do anything artificial to make you appear fresh if you eat healthy and get rid of unhealthy habits.Stick to organics! They can be the best anti aging products around.

Nutraceuticals –  Better than the Best Anti Aging Products?

For those into hardcore anti aging exercises, cures and treatments, there is a growing body of evidence that nutraceuticals aimed to reverse alzheimers and autism can provide a rapid breakthrough. It works not like botox (mere topical changes), but actual physiological renewal. I came across one such recommendation for KIDS (yeah kids) found on webmd. Check it here