Knowing what is the best night cream for wrinkles may give you a heads up on getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, but what about dark under eye circles? Some admit they can be a challenge to get rid of or conceal. Men and women deal with this concern and it can be caused by a number of things from lack of sleep to smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. For many people they are not able to get rid of them as fast as they would like.  The aging process also plays a role in how they develop. There may be a few skin care products formulated to treat this concern but it helps to learn about them first before you decide to make a purchase.

There Are Different Types of Dark Circles

Understanding different types will help you find anti-wrinkle cream best for your skin needs.  When understanding different types this can help you identify skin problems and potential causes.  Types of dark eye circles include poor circulation that makes skin around eyes appear saggy and puffy. These occur due to lack of rest, stress or smoking.  People with darker skin tones may have hyperpigmentation; another type of dark circles due to increased levels of melanin found beneath the skin.  The last type of dark circles includes blue veins which can be a skin concern for people with lighter skin.

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There Are Multiple Options To Treat Them

When you look for treatment options be sure it is formulated to treat dark eye circles. You wouldn’t use a hand cream for wrinkles on your face unless it states it can be used on other areas of the body.  In some cases, it may be suggested to discuss treatment options with your doctor.  Some have found relief through laser treatment when considering hyperpigmentation. There are cream products made with specific ingredients to look for such as Kojic acid and hydroquinone to help lighten skin.  There are also home remedies to consider such as placing tea bags over your eyes. Steep tea bags in hot water just as if you were making a cup of tea.  After they are cooled place them over your eyes while lying down.  Some say tea has antioxidants that can help skin areas repair itself.

They Can Be Hidden With Good Makeup Application

Most people know that makeup is good for hiding things such as wrinkles and dark circles.  Yet, many may not know how to apply it or what to use when wanting to create a fresh look.  Using option such as powder, concealer, and eyeliner can help draw attention away from problem areas. The key is not to use so much at a time and consider using options to help improve skin appearance overall instead of hiding the concern altogether.  Using makeup to hide it completely may not give favorable results and in some cases a lot of makeup product gets used.