Corporate theft is one of the biggest threats that businesses and companies have to deal with on a daily basis, and why they should have cell phone spy apps installed on all their company phones. There are other problems, of course, and it’s a mistake to think that only big businesses are affected by these issues. To the contrary, it is small businesses that bear the brunt of corporate theft and data security issues.

What is even sadder to consider is the fact that, in many cases, it is one of their own that initiates the data theft and sells it to another company, most with no apparent motive except corporate sabotage. It gets really hard to pinpoint the person who sold the company out if there are no monitoring practices in place. But there is good news, because there are reliable and powerful cell phone monitoring apps in the market that can help catch the saboteur and boost data security.

Since many businesses are now shifting from fixed workstations to mobile phones for work, it is now almost a necessity that every business owner install cell phone monitoring software on company phones to enhance data security or track performance and productivity. But is how do these businesses take advantage of the features offered by top monitoring apps like Highster Mobile? Here are some of them so read on and take a look.

Monitoring Employee Social Media and Messaging.

It is an important skill for managers to learn, monitoring a mobile phone especially the company phones used by the employees when they work. If you can get your staff to spend less wasted time and more time working, their productivity will increase. Monitoring apps will help managers track the amount of time their staff spend on time-wasters like social media and personal chats on instant and text messaging apps. Plus, powerful monitoring apps like Highster Mobile can block unwanted apps to make sure that your employees are completely focused on their tasks while they are in the office.

It Improves Travel and Complies with Labor Laws by Tracking Physical Location of The Employee.

Monitoring apps can track the location of the target phone, hence the employee, with its geolocation feature. Through this feature, employers will be able to see if employees on a business trip are following their recommended itinerary, making the allocation of resources more efficient. It could also let managers know if their mobile employees, like delivery and technical services, are efficient in doing their jobs at every stop.

It Boosts Data Security.

Having full access to company phones is a huge asset for business owners because they can track and observe their employees’ communications. If they see that there is an email or a text message sent to an unauthorized location, they will be able to see the contents of the message and make sure that there are no important data leaked to an outsider.

Whether it is used by a business or a private person with legal grounds (like a parent), monitoring apps can help them keep the thing that is most important to them away from threats. Highster Mobile is one of the most powerful monitoring apps on the market and can access just about the whole phone for its user. Learn more by visiting our website right now!